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Our final live show for Veterans Week:
I served with 1/8 in the Battle for Fallujah. I was a Navy Corpsman for 8yrs and when I had served with 1/8 I was already in my second military order (Sea Duty). I also served in a Combined Action Platoon with 1/8 at the Haditha Police Station from June 2004 to about Sept 2004. I had jumped in with a Mobile Assault Platoon after the CAP platoon was disbanded due to threats to the city mayor and his family from the opposition. I received a Purple Heart from a VBIED attack at the Police Station on July 15, 2004.

I have been in the VA system since 2010 and I have gained a lot of helpful tools and some unhelpful tools (meds) that have worked with me and some that just haven't clicked in yet. Currently, I am doing the Prolong Exposure program with the VA. I could share some stuff I have learned from that and other stuff in regard to mental health tools.

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