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Feb. 22, 2022

Billy Nomad - Musician, Philosopher

Billy Nomad - Musician, Philosopher
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A little about Billy Nomad: Last year he had a few pretty life-changing experiences and from here on out, he is dedicating every day to making music. He is currently in the process of recording a new album, creating a series of music production documentaries for YouTube & working with several other artists like him, to help them get their careers started. In his downtime, he loves to learn, read books, meditate and take walks surrounded by nature. He is also a big fan of visual media - films, TV shows, but also homebrew content on social media sites. One of his all-time favorite things to do is take a daily scroll through Reddit to see what the world is saying today. As far as formal qualifications or academic achievements go,  he doesn't have any. As far as opinions go, he does have many. Last but not least - He is one of those corny people that genuinely wish for world peace. 

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