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The MisFitNation Welcomes Jake Thomas USMC Veteran and 5 x Natural Physique Champion

Welcome to our Take it Home Thursday show this week. We are glad you are back with us and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this chat.

We started the week off with our chat with the founder of Imiloa Jake Sasseville and now we bring you Jake Thomas, USMC Veteran and 5 x Natural Physique Champion

Jake’s Journey:
I was a drug addict. I was an alcoholic. I was a super-consumer of anything, everything and everyone that would take me away from the present and put me elsewhere. Nothing had a taste. My insatiable thirst for substance or company could not be quenched. Like a vampire to the sunlight, I was deathly afraid of the present moment. I hated who I was, what I had become, and where I appeared to be going. I contemplated running away and even tried taking the coward’s way out with a few close-call overdoses. But even then, I failed because I was too scared to really go through with it. I was weak at the core. Or maybe…just maybe…it’s because I wasn’t ready to die yet…I wasn’t ready to give up…I wasn’t ready to quit.

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This is a chat you will not want to miss. Enjoy episode 236 of The MisFitNation!

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