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The MisFitNation Show welcomes Nicky Billou Author and Podcast Host

Welcome to our Take it Home Thursday show this week. We are glad you are back with us and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this chat.

We started the week off by releasing a great Chat with Paul “Roscoe” White followed by an awesome live show with Paula Conroy and now we bring you Nicky Billou
Nicky Billou is the #1 International Best Selling Author of the book: Finish Line ThinkingTM: How to Think and Win Like a Champion, The Thought Leader’s Journey: A Fable of Life, and The Power Of Connecting: How To Activate Profitable Relationships By Serving Your Network. He is an in-demand and highly inspirational speaker to corporate audiences such as RBC, Lululemon, Royal LePage, and TorStar Media.
This is a chat you will not want to miss. Enjoy episode 258 of The MisFitNation!

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