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June 30, 2022

Tony Wall – Founder and President of Noēsis

Tony Wall – Founder and President of Noēsis

Tony Wall – Founder and President of Noesis

Tony Wall is the founder of Noēsis (no - EE - sis), a worldwide education network, and 501(c)3, aimed at enabling humanity to replace the churn of conflict with the gift of clarity. After spending decades observing and researching human behavior and the history of humanity, Tony is an expert on the instinctual influences on modern-day behavior and how those behaviors cause many of the problems faced by our species today.

Tony brings a compelling, hopeful, and passionate message to any discussion. If an audience expects to hear about doomsday scenarios, he will be glad to surprise them. Humanity lost control by way of a process. Only by another process will we regain control. Tony is about the Process.

Tony graduated from the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. He then continued his education at Lake Forest College in Chicago. A Liberal Arts education ignited Tony’s interest in Existential Philosophy and demanded that Tony view the world through a starkly realistic lens.

Tony actually began his career in finance and was compelled, at the age of 56, to found Noēsis - the only non-profit of its kind. He is on a mission to make a difference for humanity.  





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