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May 11, 2022

Tim Branyan - United States Air Force Veteran, Founder -TrueFanz.com

Tim Branyan - United States Air Force Veteran, Founder -TrueFanz.com

Tim helps brands and content creators turn their influence into income...
He is a:
- Dad of two beautiful kids  
- Husband of 1 kickass wife
- Investor
- Built multi-million dollar apps/software
- Servant leader
- Proud USAF Combat Veteran
- Gamer 🤓
- Aggressively Curious

My team and I proudly develop technology that CUSTOMERS recommend, ENTREPRENEURS prefer, and PARTNERS are proud of…

Our latest project “TrueFanz” just surpassed 187,000+ global users. The platform empowers a wide variety of content creators to earn residual & predictable income from their creative work online.

“How is TrueFanz different?!”

- Invite only for creators
- Higher earnings
- Faster payouts
- More features than competitors
- Excellent support
- USA based
- Veteran Owned
- Tier 1 Security
- Lifetime referral commissions
- Screenshot detection / prevention
- No porn  

— We also build custom white-labels of our platform for influencers, brands, and non-profits based on their specific needs and goals. 🤓🚀

Founder : TrueFanz LLC.
COO : Logic-Square LLC.
El Presidente' : Branyan Holdings LLC




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