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May 25, 2022

SGT Nathaniel Helmuth Combat Engineer, Husband, Father as told by Kristle Helmuth

SGT Nathaniel Helmuth Combat Engineer, Husband, Father as told by Kristle Helmuth
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Kristle Helmuth is a veteran of the United States Army, mother of 3, and surviving spouse of SGT Nathaniel Helmuth. Going from dual military, to military spouse, to the caregiver of a wounded warrior, to a widow, Kristle has run the gauntlet of military experience making her life the perfect platform to advocate for and support others who might be facing the same challenges. Kristle often jokes that her life could literally be a movie, “If something was going to happen, it happened to us.”  

The last four years have been a journey of its own, as Kristle navigated finding her new normal, raising kids, going to school, and developing her career, all without her best friend, the person she built a life with. Without her amazing support system and her husband’s words, “Charlie Mike,” in her head, things could have been much worse.  

 Since losing her husband, Kristle has since completed a Bachelors in Communications, completed her MBA, and is now working with United Way of Northeast Florida’s Mission United Program, a community-based program that connects military, Veterans, and their families with the services that they need – from securing a roof over their heads, finding a post-military career, to getting their benefits and health care.   

Kristle’s number one goal is to live her life and raise her children in a way that makes him proud, and that carries on his legacy of service, and sacrifice.  




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