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March 1, 2022

Paul Trammell- Author, Sailor, and Recovering Alcoholic

Paul Trammell- Author, Sailor, and Recovering Alcoholic

Paul Trammell quit drinking in 2015, quit smoking marijuana in 2016, and changed his life completely. His first book, "Alcoholics Not Anonymous, a Modern Way to Quit Drinking," describes the method he created for himself to get sober. He used the money he saved from not drinking to buy a one-week sailing class, and soon after bought a 30' sailboat, which he sailed alone, 1000 miles, from the west coast of Florida to the East coast. This became the subject of his second book, "Becoming a Sailor." He now lives a nomadic life, sailing, and writing, and chasing his dreams wherever they lead. He has published five books, the most recent is "Chasing the Nomadic Dream," a sailing nonfiction. Scheduled for release on Oct 20, 2021, is "The Joy of Living Clean and Sober," a more in-depth look into addiction and sobriety.

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