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May 24, 2022

Nathan Bynum – Guerrilla Marketer, Author

Nathan Bynum – Guerrilla Marketer, Author

There are 1.86 billion websites and most people who start one intend to make money from it. But with the internet populated that greatly, it’s hard to know how to. For businesses with a quality product or service, the major thing standing in their way of making more sales is exposure to the right audience and attract their attention.

With this realization and the desire to help entrepreneurs thrive, Nathan decided to combine his innate strengths (attracting attention in unique ways and engaging people) with his learned skills from business in the trenches and help hard-working entrepreneurs get noticed and attract customers through guerrilla marketing.

Nathan is one of the youngest goal achievers you’ll ever meet. At 25, he has already become a best-selling author, been featured on many news outlets, and is now teaching his audience of entrepreneurs how to systematically achieve their business goals by easily monetizing a brand new or existing website, finding the intersection of passion and products, and discovering and attracting their ideal client.




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