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March 17, 2022

Mandy Capehart - Author & Grief Coach - Restorative Grief

Mandy Capehart - Author & Grief Coach - Restorative Grief

Mandy Capehart is an author, speaker, and certified grief and life coach in the Pacific Northwest. She is the founder of The Restorative Grief Project, an online community of grievers and grief supporters looking for movement while they heal. Her own experience with grief left her searching for resources while offering empathetic, long-term support without minimizing the pain of the moment. When she found nothing, she created it for herself and for you. 

Her first book is titled, “Restorative Grief: Embracing our losses without losing ourselves” released in 2021. This is a memoir and 31-day guidebook for managing grief and growth in the aftermath of loss, no matter how long it lasts. 

You can hear more about her grief work on her podcast, Restorative Grief with Mandy Capehart. She also co-hosts The Uncomfortable Grace Podcast, where space is held for growth amid the messy middle-parts of life. Mandy is a storyteller through and through, always in pursuit of adventure, grace, and opportunities to express gratitude. No matter the medium, her work revolves around learning how to honor our process of becoming. She currently lives in Southern Oregon with her husband, daughter, border collie rescue pup, and way too many houseplants. 


@MandyCapehart on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook 

The Restorative Grief Project on Facebook - www.facebook.com/groups/rests 

YouTube: https://youtu.be/NpCmuqr5IAs

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