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Aug. 30, 2022

Lindsay Lees - Author of The Willing

Lindsay Lees - Author of The Willing
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Lindsay Lees - Author of The Willing

Welcome to our Top it off Tuesday show this week. We are glad you are back with us and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this chat.

Remember if you need help or are going through a rough patch, reach out to someone, if you do not want to feel like a burden or are embarrassed to ask for help from those in your inner circle dial 988 and take option 1. Do not make a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Lindsay Lees is a self-published author of a timely dystopian novel focusing on the atrocities of sexual slavery. My style is absurdist with a satirical twist and I'm interested in exposing the potential psychological affects of totalitarian beliefs on vulnerable groups.


This is a chat you will not want to miss. Enjoy episode 184 of The MisFitNation!

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