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Jan. 25, 2022

Jenn Ashlyn - Author, Survivor Advocate

Jenn Ashlyn - Author, Survivor Advocate

Jenna Ashlyn is a volunteer for Southern Ohio’s Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program, providing support and services to victims of abuse. She's a lover of animals of most types and spends her extra time being a mom and cuddling with her cocker spaniel. She studied creative writing at two universities and worked for a campus literary magazine. Jenna’s writing has appeared in numerous literary magazines, including Night Roses, The Atwood Review, and Poet’s Choice. In 2015, she won the overall writing award in the StarJewel Nationals and Talent Showcase arts contest, and in 2019, she was nominated for a Maier Award, which celebrates the best writing of University students. In 2020, Jenna released her debut novel, Within the Gray. Her second novel, Sheila's Men is set to be released in early January 2022.



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