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Oct. 22, 2021

Janice Burt - Inspirational, Heart Centered, Professional Speaker

Janice Burt - Inspirational, Heart Centered, Professional Speaker
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Janice Burt, aka Spanish Janice, is a court-certified Spanish interpreter, voiceover artist, yoga instructor, author, and inspirational speaker. Having lived in Mexico City as a child, she acquired not only Spanish language skills, but a love and appreciation for a different people group and culture. When she returned back to California, she attended high school and college, graduating with Spanish as her major and Communication Studies as her minor.

She lived as a people pleaser, always trying to find her worth through other people’s approval and validation. She also lived filled with fear. She wasn’t even aware that either of those was true about her until after her divorce in 2012. During her marriage, she appeased and enabled her husband to feel good enough. She lost any type of sense of self that she’d had and wore a mask to fit in and belong. She unintentionally lied and manipulated to be liked and approved of by people.

Her life changed dramatically after her divorce. She hit rock bottom and was engulfed by sadness, anger, loss, and grief. She suddenly realized that she was going to have to take charge of her own life instead of blaming everyone else. She became aware of her subconscious beliefs of lack and limited possibilities. She vowed that she was going to put in the work to change these patterns…


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