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Dec. 21, 2021

Dan Spencer - Music Coach

Dan Spencer - Music Coach
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Dan passes his passion and love for music to his students. Customizing each lesson for each individual student while at the same time implementing the flexible Best Music Coach curriculum creates growth in a no-pressure lesson environment. Dan has over 10 years of music coaching experience and is the author of the Best Guitar Book for Beginners series, The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners Series, and other books in The Best Book for Beginners family. He can be seen talking about music as a "music expert" on NBC, CBS, and FOX. His studio experience includes playing on and producing charting songs in various genres with releases on UMG and indie labels. Dan’s live performance experience includes performances in most modern genres including, CCM, blues, funk, fusion, rock, and more. Dan is currently coaching students, recording, producing songs, talking about music on The Best Music Podcast and Sirius XM Radio, and writing more books.


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