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May 26, 2022

Andrea Petrut - Living with a Healing Heart

Andrea Petrut - Living with a Healing Heart

Since she lost her mother to cancer when she was 11 years old, Andrea took an empowering vision, made it her reality, and became her own pillar in life, lifting herself and others on her path.   As an Intuitive Life & Relationship Catalyst, Andrea is helping multi-passionate women visionaries, and change agents, anchor their vision and live it in their life and relationships. She loves working with ready, committed individuals who want to always be centered despite the inner and outer chaos.  

Andrea is a Heart Imagery Teacher at The School of The Heart, entrepreneur, trauma-informed writer, speaker, storyteller, leader, home educator, host of the Healing Through Oneness podcast, and advocate for love.  

With a background in sciences and technology, commerce, law, and public services, she has worked both in nonprofit and for-profit fields.  

Originally from Romania, Andrea lives with her husband and three children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is writing her first book, a spiritual memoir, and her family loves to create, invent, inspire, build, and see the world with all its beauty.  




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