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Great Support for Veterans

I know Rich says this show is for everyone, however, I love that the MisFitNation team tackles toipcs that veterans, especially those who've served in combat, will benefit from. Even their ads are relevant to those who have served! Keep up the great work!

All Leaders are all Misfits

Rich is an awesome host. He creates a warm atmosphere for his guests. The conversations are deep, heart-felt, and inspiring. Learning how to heal begins with recognition of the power we hold inside of us and that there is support outside as well. I applaud Rich for taking his mission to the people who need to heal. Judy M. Baker Book Marketing Mentor

Thank you, Rich!

Rich is a great interviewer who hosts a very inviting space. Had a blast being on the show and love sharing a good message to vets around the world in efforts to heal and inspire. GET SOME!

Excellent show

Great interviewer, technically sound, asks all the right questions!

Relaxed chat with interesting guests

This is a good podcast for a quick listen with interesting guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

Variety of stories and experiences

This podcast has a nice balance of guests and perspectives. The host(s) showcase the guest’s expertise and ask good questions. The production is voluminous —looks like 3-4 episodes each week, so not every guest is going to be of interest to you as a listener. That said, the show notes are clear on what is being discussed, and if you have a curiosity about it, the flow of conversation and the banter is fresh and engaging. Its an excellent podcast to keep in your listening rotation.


I love the back-and-forth in this podcast. Fantastic guests and real, tangible goal of helping people. I appreciate the ability to pull great answers and conversations out of the guests.

Unique and insightful

I enjoy listening to these conversations. This podcast is refreshingly unique and real and raw which I appreciate!

Brilliantly done

Rich is a great host and it was a pleasure to be a guest. What he offers is very valuable. A show I highly recommend.

Great fun talking with Rich on MisFitNation!

I had a great time talking with Rich on the MisFitNation podcast! It was an engaging discussion with an interested host. Good fun!

Powerful and informational

There is such a variety on this show! I started with the episode on Brandapeel and then listened to one about money, reiki and have a few others saved for later. Richard has a lovely voice and also is great at highlighting the guests strengths, asking great questions and truly cares about supporting and inspiring his listeners. Xx~LL

Easy going convo

It was a pleasure being a guest on Rich’s show. His conversational style is free flowing and engaging. We hit on some challenging topics but kept things light and relatable. Excellent show.

Great Resource

Love Rich’s heart to help not only veterans but all people learn new skills so that they can become better people!

Great Interviewer!

Full disclosure: I was a guest on the show. But that is why I'm leaving a review. Rich did a great job of asking questions and making the guest the "star" of the show, and that is a talent that not all hosts have. Also, his support of veterans is to be commended!

Fun conversation!

I thought Rich asked great questions as a host and I really enjoyed the conversation we had on my episode as a guest. Thank you for letting me be a part of your show!

Great host, even better podcast

Rich is awesome! Easy going, great conversationalist and able to drive value from the guest and to the audience. Genuine person that highlights the stories of others and is clearly bringing many people together through the podcast.

Great Podcast with a Great Message

I had an awesome time discussing leadership with Rich. The MisFitNation Podcast touches on many of the issues facing leaders today. They also care for and support our veterans.

Great Opportunity to Connect

I really enjoyed talking with Rich as a guest on the MisFitNation Podcast. He asked great questions and brought up really important topics like mental health, boundaries, and balance. Thank you, Rich for having me on the show!

Bookmark this podcast!

Rich is a great interviewer. His style is easy going and down to earth, but with a real drive to help others. Rich’s background is in the military where he proudly served. He continues that selfless mission on this podcast as he works to bring great ideas to his military and civilian listeners.

So Relatable

The host Rich LaMonica is so down to earth and is making a tremendous impact across the globe. He asks each guests real questions to reach people about his faith in Jesus Christ. Each episode gets better and better. Listen in because you will be blessed.

Great Experience

I was recently a guest on Rich's podcast. I'm an introvert, but Rich made what could have been a terrifying experience seem like I was talking to someone I knew. He has a gift for making his guests feel comfortable and his interviewing skills encourage his guests to give more than a one-sentence response. His work is admirable and I wish his podcast continued success!

Awesome Conversations

This show is incredibly inspiring. I would recommend that anyone who is looking to live there best life to listen to Rich and his guests. They cover some tough subjects and always bring it back to resiliency, handwork, and success. Rich is a great host and asks poignant questions.

Great Podcast

This is such a great podcast with a great message. I highly recommend it. Keep up the great work Rich.

Leading with your values

The foundation of the MisfitNation podcast is built on the values of family, loyalty, mindset, and leadership. Rich asks important questions to uncover the strategies that will help listeners better understand themselves and find tools to upkevel their lives.

A Charming Experience

I was recently featured on the podcast and had the pleasure of listening to a few episodes before the recording session. What strikes me is that your hosts, Rich and Sam are wonderful at bringing out natural conversation in people. They are grounded, polite and respectful and do their best to talk about real world issues affecting everybody. Please, if you like what you hear, share your favourite episode with your family and friends - everybody is welcome in The MisFitNation! :D Much love, Bill

Relaxed, comfortable and in depth conversation!

Loved the relaxed and comfortable style of the host yet there was an excellent depth to the questions.

This is a great podcast!

Rich LaMonica is a great host. He is funny, intelligent and a joy to listen to!

A Podcast for the Whole You

Many times, podcasts will focus their subject matter on one particular part of life and business. The MisFitNation has a focus... you~! As a business and ministry coach who specializes in leadership, I was invited to be a guest because every person leads in some form/capacity. The podcast is conversational. If you are getting podcasted out or are looking for an all in one type podcast, this is the perfect Podcast for you.

Heartfelt, positive, and uplifting podcast

I love that although this podcast has veterans first and foremost in mind, it also focuses on small businesses, stories with impact, and mental health awareness. It was a pleasure to be on as a guest, but also a pleasure to hear some other interviews!